Great Dane Trailers Recalls Tire Monitoring System

Recently, Great Dane Trailers has recalled their tire monitoring system due to defects. All the tires on the trailer may experience a loss of tire pressure when driven faster than 45 mph.

The recall is only for certain 2024 models including the Champion and Everest dry van trailers that utilize the Tire Pilot Plus Electronic Regulator Control Unit assemblies. The remedy is for customers to disable the Tire Pilot Plus system, using instructions from the manufacturer. The instructions will be mailed out by August 8, 2023, to consumers.

Flat tires can be a potentially very dangerous situation. The added weight and size of a pull trailer can make it more difficult to control the vehicle. If a tire blowout occurs while driving, it is critical to remain calm and focused in order to minimize the impact of the situation. While a loss of tire pressure while driving can result in swerving, fishtailing, or jackknifing, which can lead to a serious accident. Losing control of the trailer while driving at high speeds or on a steep decline can also increase the risk of rollovers or jackknifing.

Overall, the dangers of a flat tire on a pull trailer are significant and should not be taken lightly. By staying alert, properly maintaining the vehicle, and taking appropriate safety measures while driving, it is possible to minimize the risk of accidents and other serious incidents.

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