Study Identifies Most Dangerous Texas Roads for Pedestrians

A report from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) that pedestrian fatalities continue to rise has prompted a study of the most dangerous roads in Texas, and many of them are in Houston. According to TxDOT, hundreds of pedestrians are killed on Texas roads and highways each year, and the numbers have increased more than a third since 2017.

Based on research performed by ValuePenguin, interstates and state highways account for much of the numbers. In Houston, I-45, I-10, the 610 Loop, FM 1960, and the Tomball Parkway rank among the top ten deadliest places for pedestrians, and a section of I-45 running from Galveston to Dallas has been called the most dangerous roadway in the country. ValuePenguin’s Divya Sangameshwar said: “These are big cities that are making those lists, and a part of it is bigger populations, more people out on the streets, more people walking, more people driving. When you put pedestrians, and you put cars in the same spaces, and people are not being careful, sad things happen.”

There are increased risks on surface streets, where pedestrians are naturally closer to traffic. Distracted drivers, often focused on their phones rather than the road, are certainly a hazard. But so are pedestrians. Records show pedestrians don’t always yield the right of way or are impaired, and the consequences can be fatal. While pedestrians may not always be the most attentive, the person behind the wheel may bear the brunt of responsibility in an accident.

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