Mom Files Suit Against Bar for Overserving DWI Suspect Charged with Killing Daughter

Figure 1: The home of the Kirkland family after a drunk driver drove his vehicle into the front bedroom. Photo credit:

On August 7, 2022, Amy Kirkland and her daughter, Katey, were watching a movie in their home when Katey decided to go to her room. Kevin, Amy’s husband, was in another room toward the front of the house. Suddenly, there was a loud bang; Donald Gruber, then aged 64, drove his truck through the front part of the home. Katey was killed and Kevin, her father, was seriously injured; Kevin would remain in a coma for nearly three months after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Katey was about to start her senior year in high school.

The Kirkland family filed suit against both Mr. Gruber and the bar he was at before the fatal crash. They have alleged Mr. Gruber was overserved. The suit further alleges that Mr. Gruber was well-known at the restaurant and was known to drink until he was intoxicated. Indeed, he already had three previous DWI convictions. Additionally, Mr. Gruber was arrested and has since been indicted on intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault charges.

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