Hypoxia Suspected as the Cause of Fatal Plane Crash

Figure 1: Search and rescue teams assemble before going to the site of the June 4, 2023 plane crash near Montebello, Virginia. Photo credit: www.CNN.com.

On June 4, 2023, a Cessna 560 Citation V crashed leaving no survivors. Flight controllers were in contact with the Cessna; however, the pilot became unresponsive. NORAD jets were sent to intercept the Cessna and did so at approximately 3:20 p.m. They observed the pilot slumped over in his seat and fired flares in an attempt to gain his attention. Despite their efforts, the Cessna crashed.

Investigators suspect hypoxia, a shortage of oxygen in the blood, may have caused the Cessna’s pilot and passengers to lose consciousness. Hypoxia is a risk of flying at high altitudes and could have been brought on by the decompression of the jet’s pressurized cabin. Frequently, such conditions are the result of negligence, such as improper maintenance or inspection, and may have caused this incident.

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