Offshore Accident Injuries: How Can an Attorney Help You?

An attorney specializing in maritime law works specifically on cases involving offshore accident injuries. When you hire an offshore accident attorney in Houston, TX you work with someone who can identify the applicable laws. They can then provide legal advice, estimate the value of your claim, and work to secure the compensation you deserve.

7 Ways an Offshore Accident Attorney Can Help You in Houston, TX

1. Answer Your Questions

​From the time of the initial injury ​through the moment you ​receive fair compensation, you will have questions. ​The stress of navigating injuries and the maritime legal system is immense. Your lawyer will be there to answer your questions about timelines, compensation, and ​handling ​contact ​with the opposing party.

2. Identify Laws That Apply to Your Case

Admiralty law, also called maritime law, is complex. It is common for workers to be unsure if any maritime laws apply to their case, even when they feel like something should. You aren’t alone, even attorneys specialized in other fields face uncertainty when it comes to maritime law. Offshore accident cases require maritime lawyers with a deep understanding of the laws.

When you consult a maritime lawyer, the first step they’ll take involves a thorough review of your case. They will identify the laws that apply and help you understand what they mean for your situation.

3. Provide Legal Advice and Representation

After an offshore accident resulting in injury, you’ll likely be contacted by lawyers representing the opposing party. They may offer a compensation package, which sounds like it’s in your best interest. However, their job is to represent their client’s best interests, not yours. With an experienced maritime lawyer on your side, you will have access to legal advice and representation.

You may decide that the immediacy of what is being offered will work best for your needs. However, with a lawyer on your side, you’ll be informed of what all your options are. You’ll know what laws were broken, what fair compensation is, and you’ll have someone to speak up for your interests.

4. Provide an Estimate of the Value of Your Claim

One of the benefits of working with an offshore accident lawyer is that they understand the physiology of injuries in an offshore accident. They also understand the working conditions and types of accidents common in offshore cases. Paired with their knowledge of Maritime law, they’re able to work on tallying up what a realistic settlement may look like.

Settlements include compensation for damages including medical expenses, long-term health care, and pain and suffering. Expenses related to disfigurement, lost wages, vocational rehab, and lost earning capacity will be included. There may also be compensation estimates for mental health care and mental anguish. Depending on the situation, there may be other less common damages included in the value of your settlement claim.

5. File a Claim

The next step your attorney will take on your behalf is to file a claim with the court. Your attorney will file the necessary paperwork so that your claim is presented to the court.

The court system is not always an expedient one, but your lawyer will do their best to be efficient. While the court considers your claim, your attorney will work on building a case. This will involve gathering witness testimony and other evidence to support your case.

6. Negotiations

Your claim is on the record with the court and the opposing party knows where you stand and what you are asking for. Now, your lawyer will work with the opposing party’s lawyers to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. In many cases, you will be able to avoid a trial for your case. Both parties’ lawyers will discuss what’s fair, present their cases, and reach a settlement that is fair for both sides.

7. Represent Your Interests in Court

Hopefully, negotiations will be the end of your case, and you’ll have a fair settlement granted to you. Reaching a settlement is often in the best interest of the opposing party and helps you receive compensation faster. If results don’t come from negotiations, your lawyer will represent your interests in a trial in court ​to protect your rights.

Because every case is different, it’s hard to know how long a court trial will take. This is something you can ask your lawyer after they’ve ​reviewed your case.

What To Expect From a Settlement

There is no typical amount for offshore accident settlements. These cases vary dramatically from case to case. Different laws were broken, different injuries were sustained, and different damages require compensation. All of these are major factors that will impact what you can expect from a settlement.

This is why, early on during the process, an experienced maritime lawyer will help you estimate what a settlement may look like. This way, you can be fully informed about possible outcomes. That legal advice will help you decide whether pursuing compensation is in your best interest as you navigate this difficult situation.

What to Look for in a Maritime Lawyer

An experienced and exceptional maritime lawyer offers their clients a lot of help, but how do you find the right one? Law firms build reputations, so look for a firm that’s been in business for decades and has a history of results. You can always ask a law firm about their track record of success and their record with cases like yours. Some firms will have accumulated respect from other lawyers, which you may notice by way of awards for their excellence.

When you are dealing with an offshore accident, it can help to have an attorney with local expertise. They’ll have a wider knowledge base of applicable laws and know more about the involved parties. As a final note, find a legal team willing to schedule a consultation and talk to you. Connect with a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who you feel is committed to pursuing compensation on your behalf.

When to Contact an Admiralty Lawyer

We have seen workers wait too long to contact a maritime lawyer too many times. It’s important to contact a maritime lawyer as soon as you’ve been in an accident. Consult someone experienced before you talk to insurance or the company’s lawyers. One reason for this is that what you say to them may be used to lower the settlement they offer you.

Another reason is that their lawyers may offer you a compensation package that doesn’t cover the full extent of damages owed to you. Once you accept this settlement, you can’t change it at a later date. A maritime lawyer will know what kinds of costs you’re experiencing now and the long-term costs ahead, like vocational rehab or lost earning capacity. Planning for these expenses in your settlement is in your best interest and will help you focus on recovery.

Offshore accidents impact the lives of hardworking Texans all too often, resulting in life-changing injuries. We have the experience and resources to pursue compensation. It’s time to get the leading injury law firm in Houston on your side. Contact our team at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner today to schedule a free consultation.