Don’t Let Smooth Talking Drivers Trick You Out of Your Personal Injury Case

What should you do if you have been injured in a car crash? First, you should focus on calling the police and getting yourself medical attention immediately. If the at-fault driver is trying to distract you by saying, “I’m so sorry,” or, “No need to call the police, I have insurance,” or, “Let’s just handle this between us and not use any insurance”, don’t trust them. Don’t be fooled into thinking your injury case will be easy or that the at-fault driver will actually do the right thing in the end. A lot of the time, they don’t do the right thing and you are the one stuck with medical bills and a busted-up car.

At-fault drivers change their stories. At-fault drivers even give false information at the scene of a crash in the hopes you will do the “polite” thing and trust them, giving them a chance to flee and never be caught. In Texas, an at-fault driver’s southern charm should not be taken seriously at the scene of a crash. Choosing to call the police and hiring a lawyer to assist filing your claims with the at-fault driver’s insurance company is the only way to guarantee the best possible result for your injury case.

Taking photos of the other driver’s license and vehicle information (i.e. insurance policy, license plate, make and model of the vehicle) can be very helpful in proving very basic, but very necessary, facts about the crash. However, the police report is also very helpful in proving what actually happened. Insurance companies see claims without crash reports as easy claims to fight or deny. Don’t give the insurance companies what they want. Be strong for yourself, call the police, and get yourself medical attention immediately. Then call an experienced lawyer to help guide you through the process so you aren’t tricked into a result that is not in your best interests.

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