More than $12 Million Awarded to Family after Plane Crash

A Texas jury awarded more than $12 million to the families of three people that were killed in a small plane crash in 2019. Marc Tellepsen, Mark Scioneaux, and Reagan Miller were passengers in a plane being flown by Jeffrey Weiss. All of them were killed after their twin-engine Beechcraft BE58 left the airport and crashed about two hours later. Onlookers in a nearby subdivision saw the aircraft fall from the sky and nosedive into the ground.

Tellepsen, Scioneaux, and Miller were looking at ranch property. Weiss was a finance advisor for Raymond James & Associates. He was also an experienced pilot with 5,000 flight hours; he volunteered to fly the group on his aircraft. It was alleged that he miscalculated the fuel needed to complete the flight and caused the accident which resulted in the three deaths. Court records show the jury awarded Scioneaux’s husband about $2.8 million, $5.8 million to Tellepsen’s family, and about $3.5 million to Miller’s family. The jury also found that Weiss was flying the aircraft as a representative of the finance company and that his negligence caused the wreck.

When someone is injured or dies as a result of an accident, financial recovery may be available. Such recovery is particularly important when permanent, life changing injuries are incurred. It is important to contact someone who understands the intricacies of the injured party’s right to recover.

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