Protecting Yourself After Suffering a Maritime Injury

Time and time again, maritime workers place too much trust in their employers after being injured on the job. Many maritime workers make very good wages, so that becomes the priority: get those wages back as fast as possible. In the process, those who get injured on the job may rush to get back to work without understanding their rights to adequate compensation. Maritime workers’ health and safety must be the priority to protecting a future ability to work.

Maritime companies have many responsibilities to their employees and other workers. However, vessel owners routinely fail to provide seaworthy vessels and push workers to work in unsafe conditions in times of bad economy and even in a good economy. Maritime work injuries are normally serious, even life changing.

Maritime work requires a heathy and strong body to keep up with the physical demands of the job. Rushing back to work without getting healthy after a work injury will only guarantee future work injuries and a shorter maritime career. Maritime companies are not supposed to rush you back to work and may even be required to provide medical benefits and other financial benefits so that their employees can continue to afford their bills and living expenses while they recover. Paperwork is typically shoved in front of injured workers with the pressure to sign away their rights to get back to getting paid, which ultimately only protects the companies. Injured maritime workers should consult with a maritime attorney in order to best protect their futures.

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