TPC Group’s Continuous Violations Put Workers and Residents at Risk

TPC Group, LLC has been found in violation of the Clean Air Act at its facility in Houston, Texas. These violations are similar to those which caused a catastrophic explosion in Port Neches on November 27, 2019. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigators reported visibly corroded equipment and dead legs at the Houston facility—complications that previously caused over $100 million in damages.

TPC produces and stores extremely hazardous chemicals that could cause devastating effects to human health, if not maintained properly. The Environmental Protection Agency has pledged to ensure the safety of the facility’s workers and the surrounding community by working with the Department of Justice and other federal agencies. Violations threatening public health will be met with specific deadlines and penalties for the company.

The urgency of the matter was recognized by Regional Administrator Dr. Earthea Nance: “If the company will not hold itself accountable for fixing these issues to protect workers and the surrounding community, EPA will use its authority under the Clean Air Act to do so.”  The Clean Air Act and the Risk Management Program are designed to prevent issues associated with the accidental release of hazardous substances.

While TPC has agreed to correct the Clean Air Act violations, workers and residents who live less than a mile away remain at risk of another catastrophic explosion.  

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