Chain of Crashes Leaves one Dead

Police reported to the scene of an accident involving an 18-wheeler on the Katy Freeway in The Heights on September 19, 2022. The accident occurred at around 2:35 a.m., causing all the freeway lanes outbound at Washington to close.

According to Houston police, a Chevy Impala slammed against the back of a big rig, setting off a chain of accidents on the freeway. The Impala may have been involved in a previous rear-end crash, as its backside had extensive damage. The Impala may have also been speeding, leading to the crash with the big rig.

The chain of events led to a pickup truck bouncing off a wall and hitting the Chevy Impala, according to the police. The Impala instantly caught on fire and the driver, unfortunately, succumbed to his death. Police have not released any information regarding the Impala driver since the driver’s body was very badly burned.

Police are still on the lookout for the driver who may have initially crashed onto the Chevy Impala’s rear but lack any information regarding this suspect’s vehicle.

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