Teen broke both legs at Trampoline Park

Figure 1: Photo credit – www.abc13.com – https://bit.ly/38oqcli

On June 6, 2022, Sasha Ispahany, then 14 years old, went to an indoor trampoline park known as Urban Air. While rock climbing with one of her friends, she fell. According to the lawsuit, the lawsuit states that after Sascha climbed to the top, she “fell backward expecting the safety harness and auto-belay safety line to slowly lower her” to safety. “However, unknown to [Sascha], the attendant never connected [her] harness to the safety line.” Sascha fell 30 feet and crashed feet-first onto the unpadded ground. She broke both of her legs and ankles and suffered a decompressed spine.

It is alleged that the Urban Air employees allowed Sasha into the park without requiring a parent to be with her or having her sign a waiver. As a result of her injuries, Sascha spent four days in the hospital and now needs to wear a body brace for 8-10 weeks.

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