Important Evidence in Texas Drunk Driving and Dram Shop Cases

In 2021 alone, there were 25,261 drunk driving related traffic crashes in Texas. At least 1,061 people were killed by drunk drivers, and every single one of these deaths was 100% preventable.

Unfortunately, with these statistics, the fact that a driver was drunk and caused a crash is not a surprise by itself. What can be the most surprising part is who was able to prevent a person from getting drunk and who was able to prevent that drunk person from driving. It takes an experienced trial attorney to investigate the true causes of a drunk driving crash so that those responsible are held accountable.

Important evidence to learn as soon as possible is where the drunk driver become intoxicated on the day or evening of the crash. If the drunk driver was overserved by a restaurant or bar, there are several types of evidence that are needed to prove that the drunk driver should have been cut off sooner or should not have been allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Those who become obviously intoxicated may be captured on security cameras or cell phones. The bar or restaurant may not have an adequate or safe system when monitoring the service of alcohol. Gathering all food and alcohol receipts before they are disposed of is also important.

Perhaps the most important evidence is knowing the witnesses who saw or drank with the person who eventually became drunk. There is no liability for those “friends who let friends drive drunk.” Anyone can and should intervene if they believe someone is unfit to drive. But only the bar or restaurant (along with the servers) can be held liable for encouraging and serving too much alcohol. Friends who are witnesses should not be concerned about getting in trouble. Statements from witnesses may be the best evidence that helps prove that the drunk driver did show signs of intoxication that the bar or restaurant should have noticed and, thus, should have also intervened.

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