Texas Little League Coach Arrested on Child Abuse Charges

A southeast Texas Little League baseball coach was arrested on New Year’s Eve after being accused of sexually touching several young children. The coach, 38-year-old Adam Isaacks, was arrested in Jasper County, Texas on child abuse charges. Approximately one week prior to his arrest, Isaacks was removed from his position as the President of Evadale Little League in Silsbee, Texas.

According to the mother of one of the victims, over ten children—all around 11 years old—have come forward with disturbing allegations against Isaacks. The parent explained that when Isaacks traveled with the boys, he would tell them “not to be shy” and that “what happens at the camp, stays at the camp.” The parent further stated that baseball provided Isaacks with easy access to the children and that over time, he became almost a brother to some of the boys.

The boys would travel with Isaacks across Texas and to other states, which prompted the FBI to join the investigation. More severe, additional charges are expected to be brought against Isaacks in the coming weeks. Any other victims are urged to contact law enforcement.

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