Houston Worker Killed By 18-Wheeler Truck

On January 13, 2022, a man was working along Highway 90 in northeast Harris County near FM-2100. He was working part of a debris cleanup work crew in the area. A red U.S. Xpress semi-tractor was towing a large white U.S. Xpress trailer that suddenly collided with the worker, killing him. The damage and carnage left behind the U.S. Xpress tractor-trailer required Highway 90 to be closed so that the scene could be investigated.

Commercial drivers have a responsibility to maintain a proper lookout and maintain a safe speed so that they remain in control while operating 18-wheelers and other large vehicles. Not only are commercial truck drivers supposed to be safely driving, including defensive driving, they along with their employers are to ensure that their 18-wheelers are properly maintained, routine inspection, and keep paperwork evidencing that the vehicle is always in compliance with federal and state laws.

Texas highways are often littered with road debris and trash. This requires constant cleaning up and there are many companies that provide services for cleaning up road debris. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their workers are properly trained and have the correct personal protective equipment before going out to work.

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