Texas Jury Awards $222 Million to Family of Man Who Was Burned Alive

In June of 2018, Jesse Henson was sent to the Jeffrey Energy Center power plant to investigate a steam release at the plant. When Henson reached the floor that he was to be working on, he was immediately engulfed in boiling, superheated steam that burned his flesh and ultimately killed him. After his death, investigations revealed that the incident was caused by a faulty valve that allowed the boiling-hot steam to be released.

Henson’s family sued the company that was responsible for repairing, inspecting and modifying the faulty valve before the incident occurred, arguing that the company failed to perform a proper repair, inspection, and modification of the valve, ultimately causing the incident. In late 2021, a Fort Bend County jury sat for the trial. At the close of the trial, the jury awarded Henson’s family with a $222 million verdict against the company.

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