18-Year-Old Killed By Drunk Driver While Walking Home From Work In Lead Up To Fourth Of July Weekend

In early July of 2021, an 18-year-old man was walking home from work and attempting to cross a street when he was hit by a 24-year-old woman driving a Ford F-150. The man tragically died as a result of the collision, which appears to have been caused by the woman driving under the influence of alcohol, as she was subsequently charged with driving while intoxicated.

Unfortunately, drunk driving incidents are often fatal and are all too common. This particular incident occurred leading up to the 4th of July, which is one of the deadliest weekends for drunk driving accidents and fatalities. Pertaining to Texas in particular, one [study] looked at data from 2010-2019 and determined that Texas is home to three of the top ten most dangerous cities/counties to drive in during the Fourth of July holiday period — Harris County (No. 2 in the nation), Dallas County (No. 7), and Bexar County (No. 10). The study further concluded that the State of Texas is the most dangerous state to drive in during the Fourth of July holiday period.

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