Lawsuit Filed Over Tractor-Trailer Crash that Killed Three

Paul Potts has filed suit and claimed that trucker Jack Satterfield III drove recklessly while intoxicated and caused a massive crash that killed three people, including a 16-month-old girl and her father. Mr. Potts has also sued several engineering firms.

Mr. Potts was involved in a 12-vehicle pile-up on October 12, 2018 after Mr. Satterfield’s rig rear-ended a line of vehicles that were stopped in a construction zone. Mr. Satterfield, who had been drinking alcohol prior to the accident, pleaded guilty to several charges, including homicide by vehicle. He is currently serving a 28 ½ – to 63-year prison sentence.

Mr. Potts has filed suit against several parties, including Mr. Satterfield’s employer, Greentree Logistics, Inc., the construction firms for the road project, three engineers, and a traffic control firm. Mr. Potts claims he has suffered multiple injuries due to the crash, including damage to his neck and spine.

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