Volvo Issues Airbag Recall Following Fatality

Volvo is recalling up to 54,000 cars as a result of evidence of metal fragments from an exploding airbag inflator that could kill drivers. This recall is similar to the Takata recalls, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently reviewing data with Volvo about not only the recalled vehicles, but other Volvo vehicles equipped with inflators made by parts supplier ZF/TRW. A spokesperson for ZF/TRW was unsure if the same inflators were sold to other automakers.

Questions arose when information was uncovered about a driver of an older Volvo who was killed by metal fragments from the exploding airbag inflator. While this death is the only known fatality worldwide, regulators are taking a cautious approach. Volvo is recalling its S60 and S80 cars from the 2001 through 2003 model years. It is believed there are around 13,800 of these recalled vehicles still in use. Volvo will replace the driver’s airbag at no cost to customers.

This year, at least 26 people have been killed worldwide by airbag inflators, including 17 in the United States. The ZF/TRW inflators did not use ammonium nitrate to inflate the air bags, unlike the Takata air bags that do.

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