Building Collapse: Picking Up the Pieces

Building collapses are a type of devasting and often preventable construction accident that cause injuries to large numbers of workers each year. As hubs of ongoing activity by multiple parties, construction sites rely on a careful balancing act between building owners, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure all work is done safely. When this balancing act goes wrong, the consequences can be swift and deadly for workers by no fault of their own.

There are a number of different common causes leading to a building collapse:

· Engineering or architectural mistakes

· Departure from design specifications

· Defective building material

· Weak or damaged foundation

· Failed inspections

· Improper maintenance

· Improper weight distribution or load calculation

· Worker error

· Failure to follow safety precautions during construction, remodeling, or demolition

Even a single error can have a magnified effect given the close quarters shared by all those working at a construction site. Everyone involved has a shared responsibility to make sure work is done safely.

The number of companies involved at a construction site can also complicate the question of who is responsible. Construction site litgiation, including building collapse cases, often involves multiple parties who may be at fault. And, of course, many parties quickly point to another in finding blame. Under these circumstances, it is critical to obtain representation from a qualified law firm that can sort through and make sure the proper parties are held responsible.

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