When and Where do Most Trucking Accidents Occur?

Texas drivers are unfortunately no strangers to trucking and commercial vehicle wrecks. But when are trucking and commercial vehicle wrecks most likely to occur? And where are the most frequent locations for them? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducts an annual study to answer these very questions.

Answering the question of when:

· According to the most recently released statistics, the vast majority of fatal and nonfatal crashes involving large trucks occur on weekdays with an estimated eighty-three percent of fatal crashes and eighty-eight percent of nonfatal crashes happening Monday through Friday.

· Thirty-five percent of all fatal crashes, twenty-two percent of all injury crashes, and twenty percent of all property damages only crashes involving large trucks occur at night between the hours of 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Answering the question of where:

· Consistent with conventional wisdom, fatal crashes involving large trucks often occur in rural areas and on interstate highways.

· Approximately fifty-seven percent of all fatal crashes occur in rural areas.

· Approximately twenty-seven percent of all fatal crashes occur on interstate highways.

· Approximately thirteen percent of all fatal crashes occur on rural, interstate highways.

Armed with these statistics, Texas drivers can be even more vigilant in avoiding a collision with a large truck or commercial vehicle that all too often results in serious injury or death.

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