Massive Refinery Fire in Corpus Christi

As of 8:30 A.M. this morning, fire fighters in Corpus Christi are battling to put out a fire near Navigation and Lantana Roads, near the Port of Corpus Christi. According to authorities, six people have been transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Some of the burn victims were transported to Brooks Army Medical Center’s burn unit.

Early this morning multiple people reported an explosion near the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas. Fire crews were dispatched. According to reports, one person was severely burned. The coast guard was dispatched to collect people found in the water due to the explosion. Currently, according to reports, six personnel are still missing.

According to some reports, a dredge believed to belong to Orion Marine Construction hit a propane line. The propane line is reported to belong to Enterprise Products Partners, L.P. Subsequently, the fire then quickly spread from the propane line to a nearby grain silo.

The Corpus Christi Fire Chief stated there is no evacuation order for the surrounding area, as the wind is pushing fumes and smoke from the fire away from the city.

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