Perfect Storms: Oil Rig Workers Face Back to Back Airlift Evacuations from Gulf Platforms with Coronavirus Outbreak and Tropical Storm Cristobal

Hit by the twin storms of the ongoing pandemic as well as Tropical Storm Cristobal, offshore workers face continuing airlift evacuations under already dangerous working conditions.

On May 27, 2020, nine Shell employees were evacuated from an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico after several workers tested positive for coronavirus. According to the Houston Chronicle, the workers were airlifted by helicopter to unidentified medical facilities. At least five of the workers tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival.

Within a week of these evacuations, workers from Shell and BP rigs had to be airlifted as a part of “coronavirus-safe evacuations” for offshore workers in the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Strom Cristobal struck the northern Gulf Coast.

Working on an offshore oil and gas platform is considered one of the most dangerous careers. With limited medical facilities, cramped quarters, and extensive distances from shore, these small cities at sea have been even further besieged by recent events.

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