Offshore Deaths Increased in 2019 – Safety Concerns Amid Industry Regulatory Rollbacks

Currently, with the oil industry at a low point, Americans know to expect layoffs and tightening of budgets in a wide variety of offshore companies and companies that support the oil industry. What can also be expected are vessels that may be undermanned or maintained by smaller crews with less resources while facing increasing pressure to save the company time and money during these difficult times. Seamen may be faced with taking on unsafe tasks in order to keep their jobs.

One of the newer contributing factors to safety issues in the oil and gas industry is due to the rollback of regulations. The results of those rollbacks are considered to be linked to an increase of fatal incidents. The regulation changes have resulted in reduced enforcement and a significant reduction in recorded inspections of vessels.

Amid the eroding safety rules, companies and their supervisors still maintain a responsibility to their crews and seaman employees to provide a reasonably safe workplace and take on an active role preventing hazards or circumstances from creating fatal incidents and other serious safety violations and injuries. Crew members of a vessel, fishing boat, ship, or rig must accurately report where a company or supervisor places risk of harm. Trying to be a team player and maintain employment is naturally very important, but no seaman or crewmember can be forced to work in dangerous circumstances that can result in career-ending injuries.

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