Traffic Deaths Not Significantly Lower During Virus Pandemic

Since COVID-19 has kept most of us home and off the roads, you would think a decrease in the amount of deaths on the roads would occur. Unfortunately, the numbers show there has been a small change in vehicle-related deaths. The total number of deaths on Texas roads in March went from 305 in 2019 to 241 in 2020, a number that shocked most state officials – because driving is down more than 50% in the state.

Now what can be the cause for the number to be as high as it is? With less people on the road, how could there be this high of a number of deaths? Well the answer could be as simple as: with there being less drivers on the road than usual, it does not mean there are only safe drivers on the road. If people drive for unnecessary things, or see the lack of vehicles on the road as an opportunity to speed, it puts the other drivers in danger.

With everyone staying inside to help with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in Texas, we can hope to see this number continue to decrease over the next months.

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