Deaths on Houston’s Roads

Houston area roads still suffered a significantly high number of deaths in 2019 and will likely pass 2018’s total. A recent study examined the greater Houston area consisting of Harris County and the seven adjacent counties. In these counties, local police, prosecutors, and transportation officials had taken several new steps to address the causes contributing to the high number of deaths. As of now, this has not yet reduced the number of deaths, but officials believe the efforts are helping.

There are certain locations in this area that are more prone to crashes than others. Police have been more aggressive in patrolling and targeting these areas. The local district attorneys’ offices have also focused more on charges against bars and businesses that serve customers who are intoxicated or impaired. Even designed officials with the government are looking at ways to redesign roadways to make them more safe for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Death from drivers who are under the influence or impaired remain one of the biggest problems in this area. Local law enforcement officers, medical groups, advocacy organizations, and others are working together more than ever to try to reduce the number of traffic fatalities caused by impaired drivers. An analysis of numbers in the Harris County area seems to indicate that these efforts may be working. But officials remain unsatisfied with the large number of deaths that still occur on our highways and will continue the efforts.

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