Boeing 737 Grounded by United Airlines Until June

United Airlines has announced it will ground all of its Boeing 737 Max 8 planes until June 2020 after the two recent crashes involving that plane. This comes in the wake of other developments following the tragic crashes, including actions taken by the FAA and Boeing’s own halt to production of the troubled aircraft.

The 737 Max 8 was grounded worldwide last March after the second of two crashes occurred. Those crashes together claimed 346 lives and were directly linked to issues concerning the flawed design of the Max’s flight control system. This has led to both Congress and the DOJ investigating the issue, in addition to the FAA.

Unfortunately for Boeing, there are no signs the hurdles now required for clearance of the aircraft will be resolved anytime soon. Meanwhile, as hundreds of flights are cancelled, seats available on other planes are fewer and more expensive. Additionally, Boeing’s manufacturer of the fuselage for the plane has announced it will end deliveries of those parts intended for the 737 Max 8.

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