As Drunk Driving Escalates In Houston, Drivers Must Be Vigilant


Drunk driving is more than a problem in Houston. It’s an epidemic. New numbers reported by KHOU 11 news show that both DUI arrest numbers and accident fatality statistics are higher than ever in 2019. Harris County is once again the leader in fatal DWI crashes in Texas-an uncomfortable distinction that both law enforcement and the public could do without.

By The Numbers

So how often is too often? No matter what derivative of impaired driving you look at, the statistics aren’t good.

  • More than 12,000 individuals have been charged with DWIs in Harris County as of September 2019, which is up over 1,500 arrests from last year’s annual total. 345 of those charged were underage.
  • One in three people will be part of a drunk driving accident in the course of their lifetime.
  • 65% of car accidents nationwide involve a drunk driver.
  • Out of 37,133 nationwide motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2017, nearly 11,000 were due to drunk driving.

What Do These Percentages Mean For You?

To be blunt, it means stay alert. Texas roads, especially in Harris County, have never been more dangerous.

Drunk drivers are unpredictable. If you suspect another driver is intoxicated, keep your distance. Make a note of the car’s license plate number and vehicle description and call 911.

Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable

Drunk drivers need to be held accountable for their actions. It has never been easier to find an alternative ride home, with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services available at the click of a button.

Additionally, bars may be held responsible when they overserve a customer who is obviously intoxicated.

If the actions of a drunk driver have harmed you or a loved one, contact the local Houston attorneys at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner for assistance filing a personal injury lawsuit. Call (713) 222-7211 to speak to a lawyer today.