Tesla Door Handles Prevent Driver from Escaping Burning Vehicle

Tesla is known not just for their use of cutting-edge engineering in the development of environmentally friendly vehicles, but also for its sleek, eye catching vehicle designs. Unfortunately, one of those design features may have been responsible for the death of a man in Florida.

The design feature in this case? The retractable door handles on the Tesla Model S. Last February, Omar Awan, crashed into a tree and then was unable to get out of his vehicle when the vehicle’s battery caught fire.

Normally, the door handles are flush with the doors of the car and only pop out when they detect that a key fob is nearby. Additionally, in the event of a collision where the airbags deploy, the door handles are supposed to automatically pop out. Unfortunately, in Mr. Awan’s case, that didn’t happen.

A lawsuit filed by the family alleges that his death was in part the result of inaccessible door handles that prevented first responders from being able to get Mr. Awan out of the burning vehicle.

This is not the first time that complaints about the Model S’s retractable door handles have been made. A 2015 Consumer Reports survey concluded that doors, locks, and latches are the biggest problem areas with Teslas.

Sophisticated technology such as automobiles are usually not produced entirely by one company. Every Ford, Toyota, Honda, or Tesla consists of various parts and software produced by various manufacturers. If you are hurt as a result of a defective car, there are numerous parties that could be responsible for your injuries. Additionally, these manufacturers and distributors are quick to hire lawyers and experts to defend them.

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