Harris County Resident Suffers Serious Injury to Leg at a Family Dollar Store

On October 21, 2019, a Harris County resident filed a complaint against Family Dollar Stores of Texas, LLC, Family Dollar Inc., and Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., alleging injuries sustained to his leg.

On October 29, 2017, the customer was at the Family Dollar store located on West Orem Drive in Houston, Texas. While there, the customer suffered a serious injury, otherwise referred to as a “blow” in the petition, to his left leg from a 2-inch iron pipe alleged to have been sticking out of a shelf. The blow resulted in a permanent dent in the customer’s shin.

The customer is seeking recovery alleging premises liability and negligence. He claims that he was an invitee while at the store, and as such, he was owed a duty of ordinary care by the store, which includes the duty to make the premises safe for their use. He further claims that the store either knew or should have known that the area where he was injured was hazardous and presented an unreasonable risk of harm to store visitors. However, the store failed to take reasonable steps to discover the said hazard and warn the customer of its existence, despite such hazard having been existed for a period of time before the incident.

As a result of the store’s alleged wrongful acts and omissions, the customer is seeking damages and compensation for, among others, past and future medical expenses, pain, mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, and loss of household services. The customer also seeks exemplary damages, because the above-mentioned acts and omissions, due to the probability and magnitude of the potential harm to the customer, involved extreme degree of risk. Finally, the customer is seeking pre-judgment and post-judgment interest for all damages and relief allowed in law and in equity to which the customer may be entitled. The monetary relief the customer is seeking exceeds $200,000.

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