19 Years of Daily Fatalities on Texas Roads

Since 2000, over 67,000 people have died on Texas roads. There has not been any slowing down in this trend of fatalities as the daily average is approximately 10 deaths per day. Studies and statistics on this trend show that at least 90% of all of these fatalities were preventable and that fatalities occur both in metro and rural areas across Texas at high rates.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the two of the primary factors or causes of crashes include speed and alcohol. Notably, the third leading case are drivers who fail to maintain their lanes. It is apparent that the increase in distracted driving and cell phone use is related to this leading cause of fatal crashes. These, of course, are only the top causes and not the only reasons why Texas roads are the deadliest in the United States.

The state of Texas is looking at different ways to curb this fatality streak and to ultimately reduce deaths on Texas roads. With the goal to completely eradicate road fatalities in Texas by 2050, the Texas Transportation Commission aims to budget $600 million in the next two years to try and improve roads for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The benefit of having improved road conditions may ultimately help reduce deaths, though there are critics that the solutions depend entirely on the drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Ultimately, drivers in Texas should continue to focus on using safer driving habits and practices because it is the consensus that too many lives are being taken every day due to dangerous, negligent drivers on Texas roads.

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