Victims of 18-Wheeler Wreck Awarded Over $44 Million in Lawsuit Against Stallion Production Services

On March 30, 2017, a Stallion Production Services 18-wheeler caused a rollover accident, severely injuring Lloyd Kulik and Atreyu Muniz. On the evening in question, Kulik and Muniz were attempting to legally pass the Stallion 18-wheeler on F.M. Road 108. While Kulik was in the passing lane, the 18-wheeler driver began to pull into the passing lane as well in an attempt to make a left turn. Kulik and the 18-wheeler collided in the passing lane, causing Kulik’s vehicle to flip. Kulik suffered a burst fracture in his cervical spine, which rendered him a quadriplegic, and Muniz suffered a traumatic brain injury. Both of the victims will endure the effects of their injuries for the rest of their lives.

Last week jurors awarded Kulik and Muniz over $44 Million for the injuries they suffered as a result of the crash. At trial, lawyers for Kulik presented evidence showing the collision rendered him a quadriplegic, which resulted in past and future medical bills as well as a significant loss in earning capacity. Lawyers for Muniz also presented evidence that he suffered serious injuries including permanent brain damage.

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