Facing Mounting Pressure, Boeing Aiming to Settle 737 MAX Jetliner Crash Claims

Amidst growing concerns over air travel, Boeing is reportedly negotiating over 100 settlements with the families of victims of two separate crashes of their 737 MAX jetliners. Both 737s went down under similar circumstances within five months of each other: a Lion Air jet flying out of Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2018, and an Ethiopian Airlines flight in March 2019. There were no survivors of either crash, as nearly 350 people were killed.

Boeing has since grounded all of their 737 MAX jets until at least October 2019 and is pushing to settle in order to prevent more details about the planes and crashes from being released to the public. However, during a recent hearing in Chicago, plaintiffs expressed to a judge they are currently unwilling to settle, perhaps signaling a lengthy and contentious legal battle soon to come.

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