Surviving Wife and Mother of Three Sues Highway Construction Company After Major Accident

Roxane Freeman is suing Webber LLC, a major roadway construction company based in the Woodlands, Texas after her husband and two young children were skilled on Beltway 8. Roxane Freeman asserts that Webber LLC failed to properly warn drivers and safely manage traffic in a work zone, which lead to the death of her family.

The accident occurred in July of 2017 on Beltway 8 near JFK Boulevard, just south of Bush Intercontinental Airport. Mrs. Freeman’s husband, Heywood Freeman, had just picked up their two children, Heywood Jr. and Halynn, and was heading home on Beltway 8 that evening. The section where Mr. Freeman was driving was under construction at that time, and as a result, traffic had slowed and Mr. Freeman came to a stop. It was at this time that a Ford F-250 pickup smashed into the rear end of Freeman’s small sedan, killing the husband and both children, and causing a chain-reaction of wrecks throughout the stopped traffic.

Mrs. Freeman’s lawsuit asserts that the crash occurred because Webber LLC failed to properly warn drivers that they were approaching a construction zone and failed to warn them of the likelihood that traffic would stop or slow down. The lawsuit further asserts that Webber LLC had not properly placed traffic control devices or signs as required by contract, which created a dangerous risk for drivers.

This crash is but one of many similar crashes. The Houston Chronicle launched an investigation last year which indicated that Houston’s roads and freeways are the deadliest in the United States. Due to poor road and freeway design, as well as ongoing freeway construction, Houston has more people die each year on its freeways than any other city in America. This makes the death of Mrs. Freeman’s family something that is far too common, but no less tragic.

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