Fatal Road Rage Crash, Trucking Company Held Responsible for $27 Million

In 2016, four trucking companies were racing down Highway 20 near Burns, Oregon. The professional truck drivers worked for companies like Horizon Transport and Smoot Enterprises. Witnesses say the trucks were driving fast and furiously down the highway for more than 90 miles until they came to a bend in the highway. One truck was going around the blind turn in the road while driving in the opposite lane. The truck then hit an RV driven by an Oregon couple. The collision was head-on, killing the wife and severely injuring the husband.

The crash was devastating, and the family filed a lawsuit to hold the trucking companies and drivers responsible for their actions in causing this crash. One of the companies, Smoot Enterprises, settled with the family before the case reached a jury. The settlement included the company firing three of their drivers and admitted to some wrongdoing in causing this crash.

Horizon Transport fought the case, so it ended up going all the way to a jury trial. The jury hit the company with a $27 million verdict, making it clear that companies must take responsibility for the drivers they employ to drive trucks.

Road rage driving and racing is something professional truck drivers should never do. Trucking companies have the responsibility to hire competent and qualified drivers that are properly trained and supervised in order to protect the public on the roads.

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