Fatal 18-Wheeler Crash Kills One, Injures Nine

On April 19, 2019, the driver of an 18-wheeler that was headed eastbound on I-20 near the Cleburne Highway exit caused a collision that left a 44-year-old woman dead and nine others injured.

The accident was caused when the driver of the 18-wheeler crashed into the back of an SUV because he failed to notice that traffic on the highway was backed up and slowing down. The collision pushed the SUV into a passenger car, which spun and got knocked into a pickup truck. The 18-wheeler then collided with the median and rolled over onto its driver’s side, causing its cargo – plastic Gatorade bottles – to spill out onto the road.

The driver of the passenger car, a 44-year old woman, died from the crash. Two others were treated and released at the scene, and seven more were taken to various hospitals for treatment.

The drivers of 18-wheeler trucks have a duty to drive carefully. Their size and weight give any impact they have with a passenger vehicle the potential to become a lethal or life-changing event.

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