Parents File Suit Against Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Bar Louie Following Son’s Death by Drunk Driver

A Galveston couple mourns the death of their 22-year-old son recently killed in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. The couple has sued two local establishments, alleging the drunk driver became intoxicated after having been served alcoholic beverages for over 6 hours at the establishments.

The couple filed a lawsuit against Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Bar Louie on March 21, 2019 in Galveston County, alleging the establishments were responsible for the death of their son. The lawsuit alleges that Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Bar Louie served the drunk driver multiple alcoholic beverages despite his visible intoxication, including the establishments’ failure to stop the drunk driver from driving away when he was obviously intoxicated. The couple currently seeks an unspecified amount of damages following the death of their son.

The causes of action arise under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, which states that providers of alcohol can be held responsible for the acts of patrons when such establishments provide alcohol to someone who is obviously intoxicated to the point that they present a clear danger to themselves and others. This is commonly known as and referred to as The Dram Shop Act. While a bar and/or restaurant cannot be held responsible solely on the basis that they provided alcohol to someone who later committed a criminal or negligent act, such establishments do have the obligation to not provide alcohol to someone who is so obviously intoxicated that they could present a danger to others.

Many establishments have policies and procedures in place intended to ensure that service is cut off when a patron shows signs of obvious intoxication. However, such a determination is often left to employees of such respective establishments, who may have a fiscal interest in ensuring that patrons of the bar spend as much money as possible.

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