I Was Hit by a U.S. Mail Truck – What Do I Do?

Mail carriers have accidents just like any other driver. They are out on the roads all day and, inevitably, collisions occur. If you are hit by a vehicle belonging to the United States Postal Service, you should be aware that your case is different than the typical personal injury case.

A wreck can cause serious personal and lifelong injuries. Typically, in an accident with a commercial vehicle owned by a private company, you would be dealing with an insurance company. But, if you are hurt in an accident with a U.S. mail truck, then you will be dealing with the federal government.

The process is involved is complicated and it is essential you hire an experienced attorney.

If you have an accident with a mail carrier you will be dealing with the Federal Tort Claims Act. Under this Act, you will not be suing the individual driver of the mail truck or even the United States Postal Service. Instead, you will be suing the United States.

However, even before you can file a suit, you have to follow strict rules or you may lose your claim altogether. First, you have to file Form 95 with the United States Postal service, state the nature of your claim, and identify what is called a “sum certain.”

You then have to work directly with the United States Postal Service to attempt to resolve your claim. This is a complicated process. Without the help of a skilled attorney to navigate you through the process, you may end up frustrated and have nothing to show for your efforts at the end the day.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a pedestrian/vehicle accident with a U.S. mail truck, it is important to find a skilled law firm with experience handling these cases. The law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner is the oldest personal injury firm in Texas, and our attorneys are standing by to assist with your claim. Call us today at (713) 222-7211 or 713-222-7211 for your free consultation.