The Perils of the Parking Lot

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, a man was attempting to find parking in a crowded parking lot in Northwest Houston. As the man pulled a U-Turn in the Bear Creek Islamic Center parking lot, he inadvertently ran over a child. It appears as though the child was sitting in the parking lot just outside the playground area.

Tragic incidents like these are stark reminders that when schools are out for the summer, both drivers and parents have a heightened duty of care to ensure the safety of children. This is especially true in parking lots. Often, a child is too small to be seen in mirrors or over the hood of a large vehicle. The incident above, for example, involved a large SUV.

Parking lots are always risky places. Over 20% of all vehicle collisions occur in parking lots. Usually, drivers in these types of wrecks incur major expenses for minor damages to their vehicles. But the presence of pedestrian traffic poses another safety concern, especially in regards to children. A driver has a higher risk of a child being present during the summer months. Where there is a greater risk of children being present, a careless or distracted driver can create fatal consequences.

One should always keep a sharp look out for children when driving, but it is important to be even more vigilant in parking lots, especially during the summer months.

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