Severely Injured Worker Sues Tesla

Son Nguyen, who was severely burned in an electrical explosion at Tesla’s car factory is suing the automaker for allegedly putting him in harm’s way.

Nguyen was an electrician trainee working for Mark III Construction, wiring in an electrical plug just before the explosion. Tesla had hired the company to install dozens of “supercharger” stations where electric vehicles can fuel up. The suit says Tesla supplied Mark III with “old, defective, faulty, unsafe electrical components” with knowledge that it would be dangerous.

Son Nguyen was working as a contractor at the Fremont, California, factory on June 5, 2017, when an explosion called an arc flash threw him back 15 to 20 feet and engulfed him in flames.

Nearly a year later, he is in perpetual pain and covered in scars and skin grafts. His pinky finger was amputated, and he wears a compression garment covering him from head to knees. He struggles with simple tasks and dreads the surgeries to come.

Safety officials cited Mark III Construction – and not Tesla – with violations following the accident. However, Nguyen’s suit states that Tesla “controlled” the contractor and safety on the worksite.

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