Children Seriously Injured by Golf Carts

A new study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2017 & Exhibition in Chicago September 18, 2017, shows that an increase in the use of golf carts off the course has caused a significant number of children to be harmed.

The researchers looked at 108 minors, reportedly injured in golf cart incidents with an average age of 11 years old, over a period of 10 years. The length of their hospital stays varied between one and 26 days in the hospital.

Out of the 108 patients, there was one fatality, and 36% were admitted to intensive care. More than three quarters of the children broke at least one bone and skull fractures were common. Additionally, over a quarter of those patients sustained a concussion, and of those with concussions almost 30% sustained inter cranial injuries, or bleeding within the brain. Overall, slightly less than half of fractures sustained by children in the study were skull fractures.

William Hennrikus, MD, senior author of the abstract and pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Hershey, Pennsylvania attributes the high amount of skull fractures from golf carts to the lack of safety protection such as helmets, and a complete lack of awareness of the hazards. His recommendation is that children under 16 not drive golf carts at all, but if they are driven, they should be driven under 10mph.

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