Lack of Fall Protection Still on OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Violations

The 2017 top violations remain largely unchanged from 2016, with fall protection General Requirements at the top of the lost. However, in 2017 “Fall Protection – Training Requirements”, is now added to the top 10 list, at number nine.

A lack of fall protection training accounted for 1,523 OSHA violations so far in 2017, ahead of Wiring Methods at 1,405 violations. Little has changed from OSHA’s 2016 list, except for Training Requirements for fall protection being added to the top 10 list. The top five on the list remain the same, with “Fall Protection – General Requirements” maintaining the top position as the most cited violation by OSHA, by far. The most cited violation “Fall Protection – General Requirements” at 6,072, in a distant lead over Hazard Communication with 4,176.

The top 10 list of most cited violations is as follows:

Fall Protection – General Requirements: 6,072

Hazard Communication: 4,176

Scaffolding: 3,288

Respiratory Protection: 3,097

Lockout/Tag-out: 2,877

Ladders: 2,241

Powered Industrial Trucks: 2,162

Machine Guarding: 1,933

Fall Protection – Training Requirements: 1,523

Electrical – Wiring Methods: 1,405.

The National Safety Council’s President Deborah Hersman stated in a September 26, press release “The OSHA Top 10 is more than just a list, it is a blueprint for keeping workers safe… when we all work together to address hazards, we can do the best job possible to ensure employees go home safely each day.”

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