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Fire at Chemical Plant

Another chemical plant posed a risk in southeast Texas. As reported by news sources, components of the Enterprise Products plant on FM 1942 in Mont Belvieu in Chambers County caught on fire Friday night. The fire was finally contained at about 8:00 p.m., according to an announcement by a local sheriff. The plant was initially closed off, and later both the location was confirmed and the nature of the blaze: a petrochemical fire. The flames were observed shortly after 7:00 p.m. from another plant some six or seven miles away. There has been no official statement of the cause of the fire, though a company executive confirmed that it came from an over-pressurized well. Fortunately, no injuries have yet been reported, though a prior pipeline explosion in 2011 at the company was fatal.

In a highly industrialized society like ours, chemicals provide a necessary link in the economy. Yet, this event, plus the recent mishap at the Arkema plant, signal the need for constant attention. Plants in our area use and manufacture inflammable and toxic chemicals. Operators of these plants must first carefully and vigilantly formulate, and then continually review, plant safety policies. Workers exposed to those chemicals must then be trained about those policies, and plant management must scrupulously enforce them. In addition, plant owners must constantly evaluate the physical structures of the plant to ensure that they are suitable for their uses. Both workers, and residents who live in the vicinity of plants, deserve no less than the utmost in conscientious and rigorous efforts by plants to prevent explosions, fires, and discharges of toxic chemicals. Only then can our community work and live safely in and around these facilities.

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