Deadly Oil Rig Accident

One worker is dead and another lost a limb after an accident occurred on an oil rig near McCook, Texas. The injured worker remains in critical condition. The drilling site was on Moorefield Road, south of FM 490 near McCook. The incident occurred on September 25, 2017.

Reports indicate that a truck tipped over while attempting to set up a tower. Two people were trapped under the equipment, while the driver of the truck was able to escape. Responders used a different truck to lift the equipment off the trapped men. One worker was pronounced dead on the scene and the other was airlifted to nearby Doctors Hospital at Renaissance.

Early reports indicate that Quintana Energy Services was one of the companies working in the vicinity. Investigators also report that other companies may be involved. OSHA has begun its investigation into whether there was any foul play. There were no oil leaks or any continuing threat of danger reported.

Working in the oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous professions. Heavy machinery and explosive substances cause injuries to numerous hard working employees every year. However, even dangerous jobs come with legal protection.

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