Charlottesville Victims File $3 Million Terrorism Suit Against Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Event Organizers

Two women injured during a white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville have accused the driver who hit them, and killed another, of inciting violence and aiding terrorism. The two sisters are seeking monetary relief of more than $3 million from James Alex Fields, the vehicle driver, and a host of racist organizations according to the lawsuit filed in the Charlottesville City Circuit Court of Virginia earlier this week.

On the afternoon of August 12, 2017, Tadrint and Micah Washington were driving home when they detoured from their typical route due to the road closures in downtown Charlottesville. At this time, the defendant James Fields, a white nationalist protester, retrieved his Dodge Challenger and deliberately accelerated into a group of people in an attempt to kill and maim as many counter-protesters as possible. During this attack, Fields deliberately slammed into the rear of Washington’s car, further propelling it through the crowd. The crash caused the Washington sisters to slam into the dashboard and windshield of their car, leaving them seriously injured. The Washington sisters did not participate in any of the protests.

The lawsuit alleges assault and battery, civil conspiracy, negligence per se, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil aiding and abetting, and negligence against Alex Fields and the various event organizers. The lawsuit alleges that these groups negligently and recklessly incited, encouraged, and participated in the violent attacks, and as a direct result, the sisters suffered severe physical and emotional injuries.

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