Man Killed by Flying Tire on the Freeway

Abdias Levya was killed on his way home after dropping his father off at work. It was almost 6:00 a.m. when Abdias was travelling northbound on I-45 near San Jacinto, when a wheel fell off a Ford F-150 travelling southbound and bounced into the northbound lanes before crashing through Mr. Levya’s windshield, killing him instantly.

The Houston Police Department reported that road debris causes about 200,000 nationwide crashes every year. These accidents are more frequent in major metropolitan cities with heavy traffic and speeding vehicles that carry heavy items on the freeways. However, only a few hundred are typically fatal.

It took the driver of the Ford F-150 a few hundred yards before he recognized that his front left wheel had detached and flown into the northbound lanes of I-45. He stopped and cooperated with the investigators to uncover the cause of the incident. Police shut down all northbound lanes of Pierce near Bagby Street until 9:00 a.m. to investigate the incident.

Officers reported that they do not intend on filing charges because it appears metal fatigue is to blame and the Ford F-150 driver was likely unaware of the defect.

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