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Fatal Crash into METRORail Train

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Car & Truck Accidents

Friends and loved ones are mourning the death of an unnamed motorist who was killed in a crash with a METRORail train yesterday.

Last evening, at about 5:47 p.m., as many were monitoring the landfall of Tropical Storm Cindy, a white suv headed north on Main Street at a high speed. Two vehicles were stopped ahead of the suv for a red light at McGowan Street. The suv hit the vehicles waiting at the light, flipped, and smashed into the back of a commuter train. The driver, whose identity has not yet been released, died at the scene. In addition, rail service was disrupted for hours so that authorities could investigate and clean up debris.

This unnecessary death reminds us once again of the seriousness of the risks involved in driving. Safe operation of an automobile demands continual attention to the vehicle’s speed, turns, and surrounding traffic conditions. A moment’s lapse of judgment concerning the location and movement of other vehicles on the roadways, or the decision to drive far faster than circumstances and posted speed limits permit, can lead to sudden disaster. While nearly everyone feels pressed for time on occasion, speeding down crowded streets is simply not a prudent solution. In this case, from early reports it appears that the motorist himself was the victim of his own driving choices. But unsafe driving may imperil passengers in the driver’s vehicle as well as other motorists using the road. The risks imposed by speeding are just not tolerable.

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