Suspected Propane Explosion Levels Home in Dawson, TX

On April 20, 88-year-old Dwain Spruiell and his wife, Cathy, were hosting out of town relatives when their home suddenly and unexpectedly exploded. The force of the blast leveled their home and shattered the windows at a nearby church. The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the explosion, but the home’s propane system is suspected to be the root cause.

Miraculously, none of the five occupants were killed in the explosion, but three were airlifted to the burn unit at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas and the remaining two victims were transported to a Navarro County hospital. As neighbors and first responders arrived to the scene of the explosion, they found that the roof and walls had completely collapsed over the structure. Fire fighters kicked in windows to access parts of the home where they ultimately located and pulled each of the injured occupants from the rubble.

Neighbors of the Spuriells indicated that the elderly couple had recently complained of smelling gas around their home and even called a technician to service the propane system just prior to the explosion. Investigators are awaiting the removal of the collapsed roof over the home’s remains before their search for clues regarding the cause of the explosion can continue.

Propane systems should be serviced and checked for leaks regularly. All too often do devastating, and often fatal, explosions occur after propane systems are serviced. Refilled propane systems connected to leaking pipes can discreetly create pockets of gas within walls and subflooring structures that create a perfect storm for anyone in the immediate vicinity. If you have a propane system, ask your qualified service professional to run a relatively simple leak check each time your system is serviced.

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