Alcohol Suspected by Police in Fiery Crash

Once again, tragedy strikes on our local roadways. And, once again, alcohol is suspected.

Last Friday evening, a fiery one-car crash claimed the life of a 22-year-old woman and injured her passenger. Police located the vehicle involved, a Toyota Camry, at about 1:00 a.m. near I-10 east and Lockwood. It seems that the woman lost control of the vehicle while headed east. It appears that she then crossed the service road and hit trees in a wooded area. Investigators believe that, afterwards, the vehicle erupted into flames. The incident killed the woman and severely injured her 21-year-old male passenger. He was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital with severe head trauma. Police are investigating to determine if alcohol was involved in the incident.

Sadly, families and loved ones are now mourning the death of a young woman and are concerned about the health of the young man. We can all appreciate the positive value of automobile transportation. But this horrible wreck reminds us of the tremendous responsibility involved in driving a car. In just an instant, lives can be damaged or destroyed forever. And, if alcohol is involved, the odds of a wreck and injuries skyrocket.

We hope that the community will be alerted to the unjustifiable risks of driving while intoxicated. That can be achieved through media coverage of crashes, as well as through the processes of the criminal and civil justice systems. When the evidence demonstrates that alcohol lead to a wreck, or a driver was impaired, both judge and jury must fully enforce the law in a manner commensurate with the hazards and harm to our community.

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