Family Sues for Wrongful Death of 96-Year-Old

George Springer and Janet Springer are suing Visiting Angels and Visiting Angels employee Aimi Ariel Salazar for the wrongful death of their mother, then 96-year-old Emily Springer. Ms. Springer, a retired teacher, died as a result of an auto accident in 2014. The suit claims Ms. Springer suffered multiple injuries after she was thrown from her wheelchair in a van that was driven by Ms. Salazar. Four months later, Ms. Springer died from her injuries.

The suit alleges Visiting Angels was transporting Ms. Springer, who had dementia, in a van and failed to properly strap her in. As a result, Ms. Springer was thrown from her wheelchair when Ms. Salazar suddenly hit the brakes. Witnesses reported that Ms. Salazar did not call an ambulance, but asked a truck driver in a department store parking lot to help her lift Ms. Springer, who was bleeding, from the floor of the van and back into her wheelchair. Ms. Salazar, 25 years-old, was indicted in the November 2014 incident for first degree felony injury charges to an elder person. According to the indictment, Ms. Salazar caused serious bodily injury to Ms. Springer by failing to seek adequate medical treatment for her after the incident. Charges remain pending in a Waco State District Court.

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