South Texas Prison Bus Crashes After Coming Upon Another Crash Scene

Early in the morning on Friday, December 16, 2016, a prison bus crashed in Willacy County, Texas carrying sixteen prisoners and two correctional officers. Of those, sixteen were taken to the hospital due to their injuries. Early reports indicate that the bus swerved to avoid yet another crash that the bus was approaching. As a result the bus careened off of the road and into a pole. The bus was laid onto its side with injured prisoners still shackled inside.

Unfortunately, Texas continues to suffer from a high rate of traffic accidents. Last year, a reportable crash occurred in Texas every sixty-one seconds on average. When motorists are involved in an accident, they are required to obstruct traffic as little as necessary. This means that-whenever possible-motorists involved an accident should be vigilant about making sure their stopped vehicles are removed from the lanes of travel and to a safe location. Failure to do so can lead to other serious accidents when passing motorists encounter the crash scene.

In cases that involve multiple separate collisions, there can often be many parties that bear some responsibility for the accident. Motorists injured in such accidents can be sure that the insurance companies for each possibly responsible party will get to work trying to determine if there is a way to absolve their insured of liability. A skilled and competent attorney can take the steps needed to determine who all the potentially responsible parties are and pursue a proper course of action.

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